Nation’s Restaurant News: Choosing the right refrigeration for maximum kitchen efficiency

The following is excerpts from the Nation’s Restaurant News article

…The cost of tailoring refrigeration specifically can pay for itself through increased kitchen efficiency and guest throughput.

“The question of drawers and doors comes down to the type of operation it is and what they’re serving,” says Alec Bauer, owner and consultant at Kitchen, Restaurant + Bar Specialists in Burlington, Vt, whose firm focuses primarily on independent restaurants. A fine-dining kitchen’s needs are different from a quickservice spot due food preparation methods, he says, plus “it also depends on the flow of the line and how the chefs move within that space.”

Refrigerator manufacture Hoshizaki America recently introduced a line of caster-mounted, refrigerated equipment stands whose top surfaces utilize a built-in heat shield to reflect ambient heat radiating from cooking equipment placed atop those units. Designed for high volume, their drawers accommodate two, six-inch-deep pans to store large quantities of ingredients. Plus, their pan rails include a unique finger cut-out design that allows quick and easy pan extraction.

“When you’ve got a chain operator cooking 200 burgers an hour, they need drawers under the grill,” says Bauer. “We’ve seen many high-volume operations that benefit from refrigeration located below open burners. Any of it can be configured to the chef’s heart’s content.”

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