Nation’s Restaurant News: Classic cocktails are back in style

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…Classic cocktail growth today is getting an assist from high-quality, machine-made ice that requires no cutting, is made in perfect 1-inch- and 2-inch-square pieces, is clear and melts slowly.

…Veteran restaurateurs Nancy Hart and Jerry Tice have used such ice machines, and they insist they’re worth it when a quality drink is the aim. Hart called their “workhorse Hoshizaki” machine an “investment in great cocktails.” The payback is perfect ice made automatically, since making clear ice requires slower freezing.

“Great ice is about not diluting your high-end spirit and treating it right,” says Hart, who will open Gunther & Co. in Baltimore with Rice this year.

Just this year Hoshizaki America introduced a new machine — model IM-200BAA — that has been designed for premium restaurants, bars and clubs. The small footprint, high-efficiency undercounter unit produces 200 pounds of clear, large ice cubes daily and contains a 75 lb. capacity built-in storage bin.

[According to] Jacques Bezuidenhout, partner at Forgery Bar in San Francisco. Craft cocktail fans know what they like, and he says bartenders are willing to educate them. The price for that open exchange of information, though, means the quality bar is constantly raised to please knowledgeable customers.

“I think it’s just the new cocktail culture that expects a lot,” Bezuidenhout says. “They know that if you’re going to open a great bar serving new or classic cocktails, you should just have great ice. When you do that, you respect the spirit, the whole drink.”

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February 28th, 2016|Articles|

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