Nation’s Restaurant News: Keep your food fresh longer

NRN-keepfoodfresh Nation’s Restaurant News: Keep your food fresh longer

Operators should weigh a variety of factors when addressing refrigeration needs.

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Operators know refrigeration is essential to every restaurant. Yet not everyone knows how best to select coolers that balance price, performance and a restaurant’s long-term cold storage needs.

While many recognize its vital role in preserving valuable, perishable inventory, others view it as a budget line item where cost cutting is possible.

“When we’re designing a foodservice facility, we tell our clients to invest in those areas where you hold and make your money,” says Rob Brown, principal and managing partner at Savoy Brown, a consultancy in Jessup, Md. “Holding food refrigerated until you sell it is like holding onto money. And if you buy equipment that doesn’t work well, you’re going to lose some of that inventory and your money.” He helps operators understand that fresh inventory turned into great food is the reason customers visit the restaurant — as well as how that business makes money — they tend to consider their refrigeration options more carefully.

  • OPERATING COSTS: With the growing array of ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators, power use is always important since cost savings can be significant. Some municipalities offer rebates and discounts for operators using ENERGY STAR-rated equipment.
  • DURABILITY: Durability is always an issue in high-volume operations, which evokes Brown’s preference for stainless steel’s toughness and easy clean-ability.
  • TOP MOUNTED COMPRESSOR: Brown prefers top-mounted compressor designs due to their ideal vertical heat release away from the cabinet, and for easy cleaning and maintenance. With mechanicals placed atop the unit, evaporator coils attract far less dirt and dust than when positioned near the floor.
  • INSTALLATION: Formulate a well-thought-out plan to get that unit off the truck and into your facility when taking delivery from an online source. Some buyers aren’t prepared to manage the sheer weight of refrigerators or aren’t aware that most don’t come mounted on casters (HOSHIZAKI 2 & 3 Sections come with factory installed casters and roll-in under a standard doorway).

All HOSHIZAKI upright refrigerators are clad in stainless steel inside and out. Their top-mounted compressor and fan units with specially designed air ducts produce dynamic airflow throughout the chamber to ensure constant, top-to-bottom circulation of chilled air that maintains temperature equilibrium on every shelf, even with full-size tray pans.

The bottom line, experts say, is not to rush into a purchase simply because it might appear to save you a little money upfront. Invest your time in picking the right refrigeration for your restaurant and be sure to weigh all of the factors. You will find it can pay off in the long run.

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