HOSHIZAKI’s KMEdge Design Increases the KM-1601MRJ(3) Efficiency

Peachtree City, GA (April 24, 2018) – Hoshizaki America, Inc. has transitioned the KM-1601MRJ modular icemaker to the new KMEdge design.

  • The KM-1601MRJ model (formerly KM-1601MRH) produces up to 1653 lbs. of crescent cubes daily, an increase of 11%, while using 11% less electricity!
  • You will also see up to 6% water savings!
  • The 30” wide icemaker is remote air-cooled and you can choose between the single phase KM-1601MRJ model or the three phase KM-1601MRJ3 model.
  • The KM-1601MRJ3 is ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Choose between Single Phase or Three Phase Models

KM-1601MRJ  |  KM-1601MRJ3

April 25th, 2018|Press Releases|

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